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A network management software is capable of managing all the aspects of your network and related problems, including faults, security, performance, and more. You can install or configure new network nodes or offer new updates to your customers virtually with our custom network management software. With IoT-based telecom software solutions, you can get the real-time data of your operations. Whether it be a fault in your telecom system or a glitch from the customer’s end, IoT sensors can easily predict the exact cause.

However, some intrinsic eye fatigue factors will always exist in stereoscopic 3D technology [99, 100]. The following sections provide a more comprehensive overview of the open middleware solutions developed and currently deployed worldwide, focusing particularly on the European MHP standard. In the previous sections we have seen that the convergence of Internet and the TV is a reality in the sphere of iTV. However both mediums are considerably different so require significant differences in their underlying computing architecture models.


The Japanese ISDB created the Broadcast Markup Language (BML) and the DVB project in Europe developed a common middleware standard for all three types of networks known as the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) [36]. However because the MHP was only launched in 2001 in Finland several markets, which could not wait for that long, introduced other open standards such as the MHEG-5. The Service Guide comprises of data model that models the services, schedules, content, related purchase and provisioning data and the access data in terms of Service Guide fragments. Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Broadcast Services Enabler Suite (BCAST) is an open global specification for mobile TV and on-demand video services which can be adapted to any IP-based mobile and P2P content delivery technology [32]. OMA-BCAST is a broadcast bearer-agnostic (IP-based) enabler currently adapted to both broadcast-based systems, such as DVB-H and mobile-based systems, such as MBMS and BCMCS [33]. Comparison of the two standards is beyond the scope of this paper, however if readers are interested they can found more details about the two ESG standard differences in [34].

digital media software and telecom solutions development

MHEG-5 uses the model of multimedia presentations, where a multimedia presentation is a group of scenes, which include a collection of objects such as buttons, graphics, text, and links that define the processes triggered by user interactions [44, 45]. To run MHEG-5 applications the set-top box must have a software component called the MHEG-5 engine, which performs the task of extracting the presentations and scenes to present to the user and handle user navigation and interaction between the different scenes. MHEG-5 was particularly designed to be supported by systems with minimal resources, rendering MHEG-5 ideal for low-end set-top boxes [5]. Aimprosoft telecommunication software development company was asked to develop a centralized partner portal to control the wholesaling of telecom services and facilitate the commercial growth of potential partners.

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The IPTV infrastructure can be deployed either with centralized or distributed video server architectures. The centralized IPTV is simply the content delivery network used in today’s VOD service. However, the architecture is only good for relatively small network and requires adequate core and edge bandwidth. It is a scalable architecture that has advantage in bandwidth usages, but it requires content distribution system for effective delivery over scattered network nodes. IP Multicast is a method in which information can be sent to multiple computers at the same time. The playback of IPTV requires either a personal computer or a set-top box connected to a TV.

  • In addition 76% of them in the UK, 68% in France and 41% in Finland have expressed willingness to pay for mobile TV when launched.
  • The most interesting and popular programmes as seen by viewers are new, music, sports and documentaries in the UK and France and local programmes available through Finish national Television and sports in Finland.
  • Domain experience derived from working with leading telco CSPs and network equipment providers, as well as innovative UCaaS providers and other media companies across all industry sectors.
  • It is also expected to see changes in the area of graphic rendering and presentation, especially in the light of the range of terminals that TV services can be consumed nowadays.
  • Promwad software engineers have developed system and user software for managed switches with Energy Efficient Ethernet and PoE support, home and industrial routers, hubs, and other network devices.

While the journey is laden with potential challenges like complex orchestration, resource intensiveness, and integration hurdles, especially with legacy systems, the strategic adoption of platform engineering practices promises a slew of benefits. These encompass enhanced operational efficiency, reduced operating and capital expenditures, seamless scalability, and a robust security posture. IDPs are customized to meet an organization’s specific needs, incorporating the necessary tooling and compliance requirements to ensure developers can focus on coding while adhering to organizational standards and practices. By 2026, generative AI will significantly alter 70% of the design and development effort for new web applications and mobile apps. Develop, modernize, and maintain applications using containers, cloud and serverless technologies. Better integrate data for business decision-making and monetization by modernizing your application portfolio.

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The gadget is notified of user input by receipt of messages of the appropriate types [41]. Our clients stay one step ahead of trends in the telecom market with the next-gen LAN / WAN / Wi-Fi routers and other access point devices. Since 2004, our team has been using its accumulated expertise to focus on advanced telecom and rugged applications with high-speed interfaces, multi-layer PCB, and proper thermal and signal integrity modelling. Our stance is to promote adaptability in all aspects of software development for telecom enterprises, guaranteeing a smooth journey for our clients.

Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions on software for telecommunication. First, go ahead and fill out a contact form, making sure to include any relevant details about your project. Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve forgotten something, though, as we’ll hash out all the details during our consultancy phase. Active clients outsourcing long-lasting digitalization projects to the Intellias team.


In France the average daily viewing session is 20 minutes and in Finland it ranges from 5 to 30 minutes of mobile TV per day and in the USA viewing sessions lasted 30–35 minutes with most viewing on weekdays. The most interesting and popular programmes as seen by viewers are new, music, sports and documentaries in the UK and France and local programmes available through Finish national Television and sports in Finland. Another exceptional finding of all user-trials is that despite specialists’ expectations of use of mobile TV outdoors (in bus/train station, while on the move) the collected data clearly illustrates that 50% of the mobile TV use occurs at home and at work. It is shown that most viewers employ mobile TV handsets as an extra TV set that allows them to view Television in other rooms of the house and to resolve programming conflicts within the household. It is gathered from the above user-trials that mobile Television will affect users not only in the way content is viewed but also produced.

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Synechron Announces the Opening of its State-of-the-Art Riyadh ….

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Our team has created user portals, help desks, and SMS mobile applications of varying complexity ensuring our clients provide smart and efficient services. We help our clients manage customer engagement, execute billing and manage subscriptions. Ensuring the security and integrity of the network is paramount to the success of a telecoms provider. Our telecommunication management system development services include the development of a security system that provides end-to-end security, from the overall network to each device that’s a part of that network. As a software development company with experience in this field, we know the solutions telecom companies require. Our platform is a perfect environment not only for selecting dedicated specialists by project-based tailor needs but is also well integrated remote workspace with all necessary progress monitoring and management tools.

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digital media software and telecom solutions development

The video layer, as its name suggests, displays video content such as the TV programme and/or any video clips. The graphics layer is the most important in terms of application, since it is the plane where all user interface components such as graphics and buttons are telecom software development drawn. Although the different layers are rendered independently, it is possible to draw all or parts of a layer transparent or semi-transparent, thus allowing the presentation of applications and video running in the background at the same time (see Figure 6).

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A potential solution would though be the introduction of the concept of downloadable user interfaces as opposed to the embedded user interfaces currently in use. In such a scenario the user interface of an iTV service would be designed by the service provider independently of the handset to be consumed onto and would be downloaded with each corresponding iTV service onto the mobile terminal. This is expected to provide both key players in the area of mobile Television with some control over their branding and customer satisfaction. As telcos provide the “backbone” infrastructure that enables other digital services – from movie streaming to corporate email networks – to function, they are often highly attractive targets for those with less-than-pure intentions.

digital media software and telecom solutions development