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OWASP Proactive Controls OWASP Foundation

As application developers, we are used to logging data that helps us debug and trace issues concerning wrong business flows or exceptions thrown. Security-focused logging is another type of data logs that we should strive to maintain in order to create an audit trail that later helps track down security breaches and other security issues. This requirement contains both an action to verify that no default passwords exist, and also carries with it the guidance that no default passwords should be used within the application. Secure frameworks and libraries can provide protection against a wide range of web application vulnerabilities, but they must be kept current so known vulnerabilities are patched.

A risky crypto algorithm may be one that was created years ago, and the speed of modern computing has caught up with the algorithm, making it possible to be broken using modern computing power. A hard-coded or default password is a single password, added to the source code, and deployed to wherever the application is executing. With a default password, if attackers learn of the password, they are able to access all running instances of the application. Insufficient entropy is when crypto algorithms do not have enough randomness as input into the algorithm, resulting in an encrypted output that could be weaker than intended. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a 501c3 non for profit educational charity dedicated to enabling organizations to design, develop, acquire, operate, and maintain secure software. All OWASP tools, documents, forums, and chapters are free and open to anyone interested in improving application security.

Leverage Security Frameworks and Libraries¶

The list is “critical to moving the industry forward with ‘security left’ initiatives,” Kucic said. Kucic maintained that developers must safeguard all access to their data, and not assume it will be protected by someone else, such as a database administrator. “If the application is not designed properly to restrict access or functions, then it functions as a front door for bad actors,” he said. As the authorization controls are implemented, the assurance that a user can only do tasks within their role and only to themselves is required. A role that has read should only be able to read, any deviation is a security risk. OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls describes the most important control and control categories that every architect and developer should absolutely, 100% include in every project.

  • As vulnerabilities are discovered in them, you need to ensure continuous updates are applied to them to reduce exposure.
  • Defining these requirements ensures that a foundation of security functionality is required during your development.
  • A developer writing an application from scratch might not have sufficient knowledge, time, or budget to properly implement or maintain security features.
  • It is also very rare when organizations provide developers with prescriptive requirements that guide them down the path of secure software.

Monitoring is reviewing security events generated by a system to detect if an attack has occurred or is currently occurring. Input validation ensures that only properly formatted data may enter a software system component. Handling errors and exceptions properly ensures no backend information is disclosed to any attackers.

Live Hack: Exploiting AI-Generated Code

Cryptographic authentication is considered the highest form of authentication and requires a person or entity to have proof of possession of a key through a cryptographic protocol. Although useful in foiling obvious attacks, blacklisting alone isn’t recommended because it’s prone to error and attackers can bypass it by using a variety of evasion techniques. One is blacklisting, where you compare the input against a list of malicious content. The other is whitelisting, which uses rules to define what is “good.” If input satisfies the rules, then it’s accepted. Use these techniques to prevent injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities as well as client-side injection vulnerabilities.

Our freedom from commercial pressures allows us to provide unbiased, practical, cost effective information about application security. In the Snyk app, as we deal with data of our users and our own, it is crucial that we treat our application with the out-most care in terms of its security and privacy, protecting it everywhere needed. For any of these decisions, you have the ability to roll your own–managing your own registration of users and keeping track of their passwords or means of authentication.

How to Use this Document¶

The Top Ten calls for more threat modeling, secure design patterns, and reference architectures. Threat modeling analyzes a system representation to mitigate security and privacy issues early in the life cycle. Secure design patterns and reference architectures provide a positive, secure pattern that developers can use to build new features.

  • You do this through passwords, multi-factor authentication, or cryptography.
  • Developers write only a small amount of custom code, relying upon these open-source components to deliver the necessary functionality.
  • A good place to start a search for requirements is the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), a catalog of security requirements and verification criteria.
  • For example, don’t log sensitive information such as passwords, session IDs, credit cards, and Social Security numbers.
  • Everyone knows the OWASP Top Ten as the top application security risks, updated every few years.

A Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) is when an application is used as a proxy to access local or internal resources, bypassing the security controls that protect against external access. An application could have vulnerable and outdated components due to a lack of updating dependencies. A component, in this case, was added at some point in the past, and the developers do not have a mechanism to check for security problems and update their software components.

Implement Digital Identity

In order to achieve secure software, developers must be supported and helped by the organization they author code for. As software developers author the code that makes up a web application, they need to embrace and practice a wide variety of secure coding techniques. All tiers of a web application, the user interface, the business logic, the controller, the database code and more all need to be developed with security in mind. This can be a very difficult task and developers are often set up for failure. Most developers did not learn about secure coding or crypto in school. The languages and frameworks that developers use to build web applications are often lacking critical core controls or are insecure by default in some way.

owasp top 10 proactive controls

For example, the ASVS contains categories such as authentication, access control, error handling / logging, and web services. Each category contains a collection of requirements that represent the best practices for that category drafted as verifiable statements. By defining the security requirements for an application, you can define its security functionality, build in security earlier in the development process, and avert the appearance of vulnerabilities later in the process. Identification and authentication failures occur when an application cannot correctly resolve the subject attempting to gain access to an information service or properly verify the proof presented as validation of the entity.

This story contains the same message as the traditional requirement from ASVS, with additional user or attacker details to help make the requirement more testable. Multi-factor authentication requires a combination of elements, such as something owasp top 10 proactive controls you know—a password or PIN, for example—something you own, such as a token or phone; or something you are—a fingerprint, eyeball, or face. Use the extensive project presentation that expands on the information in the document.

owasp top 10 proactive controls